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YoungStar rates thousands of child care programs all over Wisconsin each year, so you can find one that's right for your family.


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YoungStar for Parents

Making healthy child care choices for your kids—at home and away from home—can set the stage for their lifelong success. But choosing child care isn’t easy. Even with help from family and friends, it’s hard to find the child care program that’s right for your family.

That’s why YoungStar does the legwork for you. We rate thousands of child care programs all over Wisconsin, so you can find a program that’s right for your family. Find in-depth information on each program we rate, including their hours, location, accreditation, evaluation history, and any regulatory violations they’ve received.

YoungStar is packed with helpful resources for parents too. Learn more about early childhood education, nutrition, encouraging healthy brain development—everything you need to give your child a promising start in life.

To understand what's behind the star rating that providers receive, take a look at the YoungStar "How to Read the Stars" brochure. Also available in Spanish.