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YoungStar for Providers

Wisconsin's Child Care Quality Rating and Improvement System



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Wisconsin Department of Children & Families

Learn More About YoungStar

There are many ways to improve your program’s quality. Currently, the most prominent way in Wisconsin is to actively engage in YoungStar. YoungStar is a program that recognizes quality in early care and education programs and provides support and resources, such as technical assistance and micro-grants. To the general public, YoungStar is represented by a 5 star rating scale.

In order to receive reimbursements through Wisconsin’s child care subsidy program, Wisconsin Shares, a program must complete and submit a YoungStar Contract. Early Care and Education programs work with Technical Consultants to engage in efforts to promote their quality and proceed with a process that determines their star rating on a scale from one to five. A program’s annual rating is based upon indicators that are related to four primary areas of quality:

  • Education and Training Qualifications
  • Learning Environment and Curriculum
  • Professional and Business Practices
  • Health and Wellness

Our staff of YoungStar Technical Consultants can answer questions about the program and work with you to improve your YoungStar rating. Contact us for more information!